LiPS is an advice and study agency  that offers scientifically supported, innovative  solutions and process-guidance
to everyone who wants to create added value in complex, socio-spatial challenges  on different scales.
LiPS stands for quality. For an approach tailored to the place and to the client. 
Six core principles explain who we are and what we do:


Acting consciously starts today, but lays the guidelines for tomorrow. LiPS meets its social responsibilities for the present and future generations. We do this by formulating and implementing conceptual, process-based and spatial solutions that are always anchored in motivating and result-oriented complete visions. They focus on the synergy between the needs and the added value for spaces and society. We consider every assignment to be a potential catalyst for setting a larger movement into motion or to initiate a broader roll out.

2 — WE BUILD BRIDGES between

with differing opinions, wishes and ambitions: policy, administration, citizenry project developers, investors, etc.
areas of expertise
urban development, planning, landscape architecture, mobility, architecture, sociology, demography, economy, energy, environment, civil techniques, commercial valorisation, project management, communication and participation, etc. 
spatial levels
object spaces, environmental and geographical room, in and out zooming between micro-meso-macro scales.
mo(nu)ments in time
earlier, now and later.


LiPS has chosen an integrated approach. 
We bring a multidisciplinary, expert team together on the basis of knowledge and experience, with attention for differentiation in cultural background and gender. By doing so, we ensure that we tackle the assignments thoroughly and with the cross-pollination that can only result from involving several different perspectives. Furthermore, our team members share in those same human values, use the same work methods and have the same ethics.  

The result?

We work intelligently, targeting innovative solutions. 


through a mix between practice, theory and experiment
LiPS considers a continuous expansion and deepening of its knowledge to be the driving force and the condition for the high quality that it delivers.
through activation
LiPS (proactively) puts just and pressing social challenges on the table, with forward-focus and substantiated considerations and solutions. 
through reflection
LiPS uninhibitedly asks the right, critical questions. By doing so, we expose unspoken wishes and underlying reasons and put them in the right perspective. And if that is necessary, we then question the question itself from a constructive perspective and reformulate the challenge previously proposed.
by sharing our opinion
LiPS involves itself in public debate with socially relevant contributions and standpoints— unrestrained but well substantiated. 


by being involved as curators
LiPS involves (formal and informal) partners in the process openly and respectfully, making them our active companions. LiPS directs the conceptual and design processes with an open mindset and with respect for the spaces (genius loci) and people.
through a process-based approachMoments of reflection, reaction and breakthrough in a close collaboration with the client: they are part of our project approach. 
The starting point of every assignment? Focusing on the project definition by listening to the client and acquiring insights. 
When do we take the step from idea to realisation of a plan? Only after we have challenged the ambition of the client and the project partners with the expectations and observation of the society. And that in terms of lifestyle and trends, use of space, sustainability and site identity. 
We always develop the (spatial) project in the relevant geographic scales. By doing so, we place the problem definition and the opportunities of a defined project area in the right context. 
Using design research and a data toolbox, we create strong links between relevant facets such as space and mobility. Finally, we examine the financial feasibility (costs and benefits) of the final project. 


through creation of a future-proof framework
LiPS represents the future of society. How? By translating our thorough, overriding vision into a targeted framework. It must stand the test of time and still offer sufficient freedom for a flexible, adaptable execution.
by testing the feasibility
LiPS makes the difference between strong and concrete results from idea to high-quality delivery. For this, we work strategically from the start, using a problem-solving, result-oriented approach. Central to this is the feasibility from various approaches: spatial, traffic-conscious, technical, legal, financial (budgetary and cost-conscious), socio-politic and plan-based. 
by investing in permanent interaction
For every project, LiPS installs a framework for communication, participation and coproduction that suits everyone involved: partners, the resident population, civil society, companies, knowledge institutions, etc. This ensures that our proposals and realisations are widely supported


Public and private parties that want to join us in innovatively thinking about synergies and added value between social and spatial goals:

— project developers and property owners
— companies
— local, provincial and district governments
— inter-mediums: intercommunals, brokers, Voka, UNIZO, trade unions, associations of public citizens, etc.