Advice and study agency LiPS combines the skills, insight and abilities of:

— architect and urban planner, Lieve De Cock
— CONIX RDBM, with the architects Christine Conix, Jorden Goossenaerts and Frederik Jacobs

LiPS believes in refining the relationship between life, people and spaces through the formulation of innovative, future-oriented solutions of the highest quality. They offer answers to various social challenges—for today and tomorrow. 

LiPS tailors a multi-disciplinary team of experts to each specific project. This approach combines internal and external expertise, ranging across diverse fields of activity, ages, genders and cultures. The resulting mosaic is indispensable for maintaining an open-minded view during the development and realisation of a strongly substantiated and future-oriented solution.

LiPS sees the client as an active participant in defining the field where spaces and society come together. 

Every project begins from a widely supported ‘we’ story.


Socially responsible

— relevant added value for society and spaces
— expanding and deepening knowledge through education, research and life, as well as the specific job


— innovative
— high quality and sustainable
— climate aware
— a view to tomorrow with concrete results today

Attentive to clients, co-workers, partners and shareholders

— embraces dialogue with an open mind
— actively cooperative

Full of integrity

— honest and reliable
— respectful
— just
— professional

Team player

— quality-oriented in a safe, stimulating environment
— a team player that shares knowledge and ideas and draws improvements from cross-pollination
— aurious and eager to learn